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Most of us don’t do a whole lot of constructive thinking about saving money relative to retirement. 
Over the years, I’ve learned something really important—the road to retirement is paved with people who wish they had done things differently or people who wish life came with a “do-over” button! 

YOU DO NOT have to be one of those people.  

There are ways you can save and save smartly. 

You don’t have to lose money, even in difficult economic times. 

You also don’t have to put your money in a bank. You certainly don’t have to put your money in the stock market with it’s unpredictable volatility.

In fact, if you remember 2008, and you’re worried about losing money, the last place you would want to have your money is in the market. 
Hello! I'm Rhonda McMorris.
“My job is to not make decisions about your money. My job is to give you clear accurate information so you can make informed decisions for yourself ."
Just think about your current lifestyle and your finances—not just for now, but for your future. 
  • What if something happened to you, and you couldn’t take care of yourself or your family? 
  • ​How would they survive if you don’t have adequate funds for final expenses? 
How do you feel about the possibility of this happening? 

Have you thought about what it would be like if you left a Financial Legacy for your family? 
  • You would be able to share with your family ways of increasing retirement income by taking advantage of tax saving strategies.
  • ​To be able to maintain your current lifestyle during your retirement years using tax free money.  
  • ​Your family would be grateful for a future devoid of financial woes because of the decisions you make today. 
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Do you know that there are savings strategies that can be put in place RIGHT now to ensure that your financial portfolio is not dead-on-arrival for retirement? 

Think about what it would mean to have a robust retirement plan in effect BEFORE you get there.  

Everyone wants to be financially secure in retirement, but not many know exactly what it takes to make that a reality. Sadly, too many only think about retirement when it’s actually time to retire. The realization soon sets in that you can’t afford to retire, and that's a sure-fire way to guarantee working until you’re well into your 70's and possibly beyond. 

Work because you want to not because you have to. Let’s talk about how you can prepare now for where you want to be financially when it’s time to retire. 

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"Nothing is life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."
~Marie Curie
For anyone who wants to get out of debt, build wealth, and become financially independent.
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Make Sure You Have ALL the
Benefits You Need 
I consistently see people who do not have the benefits they need to survive any kind of crisis. While some put money in a 401(k), it often isn’t nearly enough to cover their retirement, let alone any kind of health problem—or worse, a catastrophic illness. 

Here’s the amazing part. When I learned about the IUL—Index Universal Life Insurance (yes, life insurance. It’s not just about the death benefit), I knew I had to tell people about it.  

The most important job I have is to get people to do a few things, listen, think, and take swift action. Think about your family and your future as you read through this list of benefits:  
  • Today’s IUL is a financial accumulator that is powerful, dependable, and safe with a proven track record of competitive returns. ​
  • ​Safe Money: IUL offers competitive returns but keeps your money safe: why put your money in the stock market when it can be in a vehicle that gives you market-like returns but your money is NOT actually in the market? It is always in a safe place, earning uninterrupted compounding interest, which adds up quickly.   
  • Tax Efficient: In an IUL, you can take advantage of IRS tax codes that allow you to grow your money in a tax-advantaged environment and then access your money income-tax free. Taxes are the single biggest financial burden in retirement.
  • Efficient use of your money: with IUL, there’s also a way you can earn money while you’re using it. This is the “living benefits” of life insurance that most people don’t know about—but once they find out, they love it! 
  • ​Long-term care: If you or someone in your family has a stroke, a heart attack, or gets cancer, that can wipe out your retirement savings. With an IUL properly structured, you can take that worry off the table.   
  • Liquidity, Use, and Control: I’m offering a free chapter from the book My Family Financial Miracle from my good friend and colleague, Merle Gilley. In it you’re going to find out what liquidity, use, and control means, and why that is so important for your money. You don’t want the government telling you when you can and can’t use your money.  
  • ​It is “self-completing”: being in the business as long as I have, I have seen what a life insurance policy can mean for a family when the main provider meets an untimely death. I like to see my clients covered so we all know they are sheltered from unseen and often devastating financial storms.
When you think about what is important to you like saving money in a competitive yet protected account, having access to your savings anytime or preparing for a tax-advantaged retirement income, doesn’t it make sense to get all the facts—today?

IUL is the best kept financial secret out there. It is my goal to educate. educate. educate. 

People think they know about insurance in general but when they find out how certain products are designed to work, all they can say is “Wow” and “I didn’t know this existed!”

All it takes is the willingness to sit down and look at what it really is and what it can do for your financial safety and your financial future.  

Take five minutes. Call me. I can show you all the good things this policy can do for you. Don’t get left in a “shoulda coulda woulda” situation.  

I will leave it up to you to decide if this is something you can use.  

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*This does not represent any particular investment and is for illustrative purposes only. It is not meant to be accounting, legal, or tax advice; seek competent accounting, tax, and legal counsel for specific needs. It does not consider your particular financial situation. This is not intended to suggest a permanent life insurance contract is a securities contract or a securities product. There are fees and expenses with insurance products and with securities products. This does not take into account life insurance fees and expenses. When comparing insurance products to securities products, you should consider the fees and expenses per the insurance company’s product illustration and the investment company’s disclosure document or prospectus.